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Grammar & Vocabulary

Present Simple

Learn all about the present simple with this fun rap

About Our Videos

We use videos to give short, to the point explanations and examples using authentic English speakers from all over the world. 

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Present Simple

Learn everything you need to know about the present simple with this fun rap. Remember that for he, she, it we need to add an ´S´ at the end of the verb.


Past Simple

We use the past simple to talk about completed actions in the past. In regular verbs we add -ed at the end of the word. This video also helps with the pronunciation of the -ed ending.

This, That, These, Those

A quick explanation of when to use this, that, these, those in English.

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Present Continuous

We use the present continuous - Verb + ing to talk about actions we have started but haven´t finished.

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Have to & don´t have to

We use have to to talk about obligation and don´t have to when it is not an obligation but a personal choice.

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Opposite vs in front of

We use opposite when facing a person or object and in front of when something is in a position just ahead.

Words that stay the same in the plural form

Here are a list of words that stay the same in the plural form.


Morning Routine with Put

We use "put" many times throughout the day. This video shows some examples of its use in our morning routine.

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Housework, homework & working from home

What is the difference between housework, homework and working from home? Find out here.

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Things to do on a hot summer´s day

What do you like to do on a hot summer´s day? Here are some of my favourite activities.

Amaia, Spain

Video - This, That, These, Those
“Un ejemplo muy visual y fácil de entender, siempre me lío con eso, gracias."

Anne, Spain

Video - Verb + ing
"Qué agradable y qué bien lo explicas."

Paulina, Spain

Video - How to pronounce words that end in -ed
"Buenísimo!!!! Thanks Jody!!"
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