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The Three Little Pigs

See if you can guess the story from the clues at the beginning of the video.

Stories with Activities

In this section we have focussed on stories with additional activities to help reinforce the vocabulary such as questions about the story, games and crafts. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them!

The Smartest Giant in Town

A lovely story about friendship and kindness followed by a series of questions about the story.

Pete the Cat Construction Destruction

Pete has a great idea to build a new school playground, but things don´t go entirely as planned. After the story join us for a review of playground vocabulary.

The Three Little Pigs

See if you can guess the story from the clues at the beginning of the video.


This is a funny story of a young boy discovering all the "normal" things about his body. Afterwards join us for a fun game where we make crazy monsters.

Pete the Kitty´s First Day of Preschool

Help me prepare my backpack with all the things I need for school and after find out about all the fun things Pete the Kitty does on his first day of preschool.

I´m not scared

This brave cat isn´t scared of monsters, crocodiles, ghosts and many other creatures, or is he? Watch this video to find out, then answer the multiple choice questions.


Ten Timid Ghosts

These ten ghosts are not happy that a witch has moved into their house. Will she leave? After the story we will make ghosts out of lollipops and kitchen paper.


Follow the dreams of this little girl through her favourite fairy tales and then join us in a fun fishing game where we practice numbers and counting.

Little Reindeer Saves Christmas

After watching this lovely Christmas story, you can have some fun preparing reindeer handprint decorations for the christmas tree.

Activities for all the family

Bubble snake experiment

This is such an easy experiment to do. All you need is a plastic bottle, an elastic band, some soapy water and a sock!


Chocolate pronunciation & rocky road recipe

Do you like chocolate? In this video learn the correct pronunciation of the word chocolate and learn to make rocky road (no oven needed).

Reindeer Christmas Handprint Decoration

These make a lovely decoration for the Christmas tree. We made lots and sent them to family members for Christmas. They loved them!

Chocolate Croissants

Join us for a step by step explanation of how to make chocolate croissants. They really are yummy!

Learn colours and letters with the Paw Patrol

We played a fun game to match the letters and colours with the Paw Patrol members.

Fruit and vegetable game

After going to the supermarket we thought it would be fun to sort our fruits and vegetables into colours. Play along with us and see how many you know.

We love to do experiments, cook, do arts and crafts etc. Here are some activities that we have enjoyed and would like to share with you. Have fun!

Amaia, Spain

Video - This, That, These, Those
“Un ejemplo muy visual y fácil de entender, siempre me lío con eso, gracias."

Anne, Spain

Video - Verb + ing
"Qué agradable y qué bien lo explicas."

Paulina, Spain

Video - How to pronounce words that end in -ed
"Buenísimo!!!! Thanks Jody!!"
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