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Filming a video

English with Jody

A unique approach to learning

At English with Jody we do things differently.

We use videos to give short, to the point explanations and examples using authentic English speakers from all over the world. 

Our Video Collections




Engaging in casual English conversation in the street

Real examples of everyday phrases you will hear on the streets that they don´t teach you in class.

Explaining English in a friendly way

Quick and easy grammar explanations and useful vocabulary.

Pronunciation games

Pronunciation tips to help you sound like a native instantly.


Children having fun learning

Stories, crafts, inventions and much more to enjoy individualy or as a family.

Amaia, Spain

Video - This, That, These, Those
“Un ejemplo muy visual y fácil de entender, siempre me lío con eso, gracias."

Anne, Spain

Video - Verb + ing
"Qué agradable y qué bien lo explicas."

Paulina, Spain

Video - How to pronounce words that end in -ed
"Buenísimo!!!! Thanks Jody!!"
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